I am currently accepting new students.

And, while I am focusing primarily on young, tween and teen cartoonists, I'm delighted to work with adults. 

Above: The back of my (Cari) clipboard this summer with the Young and Teen Writers Workshops at North Carolina State University, 2019.

Above: The back of my (Cari) clipboard this summer with the Young and Teen Writers Workshops at North Carolina State University, 2019.

Comics can teach everything, from drawing and storytelling to biology, spatial awareness, math, organization, literacy, communication, critical thinking, design…I could go on. But, most importantly, comics teach self-expression, self-awareness and self-confidence. I am much more comfortable with who I am, because I have written my comics. 

My goal with all my students is to create completed books, whether they are full-length graphic novels or tiny five-page zines*. And, I often collaborate with my students, drawing their scripts and writing for them to illustrate. I see myself and my students all as a team, a studio, a place for you to feel your art and stories are supported, loved and admired.  

While I have sometimes have students working on novels and prose, I always encourage thinking about the visual composition of stories, and allowing one’s writing to be drawn and collaborated on in books, because successful writers often work with others on movies, plays, and even original series made with their stories, and it is fun.

We have tabled** a variety of comics conventions*** locally together, telling our stories and selling our books, zines and art directly to readers. And, I occasionally table with our work across the country, most commonly in NYC and Charlotte.

Year-round, I teach primarily private lessons, one-on-one in my students’ homes or in my new studio in Cary, NC.  But, I will occasionally hold workshops for groups of 4-12 students at my studio, and I teach annually at NCSU’s Young and Teen Writers Workshops

If you already have my email or phone number, and are interested in more information, feel free to reach out that way.

Otherwise, the contact form below is the easiest way to get ahold of me. Thanks, in advance, for fostering a place for comics, and for your interest in working with me or having someone you love work with me.

Comics are an amazing, expressive, freeing art form, and I love being a cartoonist who teaches other cartoonists the way of comics. Thank you.

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Me (Cari) tabling at the Zine Machine Fest in Durham, NC, with my and my students’ work, 2018. My students often table alongside me, so imagine a few young cartoonists around me here : )

Terms unique to the comics world that may need defining:

*Zines are small, often handbound, books. Traditionally, they are made with standard printer paper that is folded, and simple printers, laser printers or risograph printers.

(Above are collaboration comics that I (Cari) drew from scripts written by my students. The students writing these scripts are roughly aged 8 to 17.)

**Tabling is having a space (or “table”) at a comics convention,  or other arts festival. Tabling means you have brought your work to share with the readers that are attending the convention. It is both very fun, and also (sometimes) boring and tiring. But, it is always rewarding to see your work directly connect with readers, and feel that connection through the comics community. You will also often get the opportunity to meet and interact with other working cartoonists, some of whom you’ve read their books before. It’s a great experience.  

***Comics Conventions are festivals for comics, cosplay (where fans dress as their favorite characters), and art. Some are small, with a few handfuls of people, others have thousands of visitors. Both large and small cons have their fun experiences, if you’ve prepared for them, and set yourself up for success, both as a vendor and as a visitor.