I am a Memoir Cartoonist, Illustrator and Creative Writing Teacher of Kids and Teens.

I received my Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Poetry Writing from North Carolina State University, where I continue to teach Writing Comics and Graphic Novels as part of a summer program for NCSU's Young and Teen Writers Workshops.

I have spent most of my career as an artist telling personal stories through portraiture, and designing graphics for marketing literature. After graduating with my masters, I decided I wanted to write comics. So I maxed out two library cards and subscribed to over 30 ongoing comics, and read everything I could. Then, I decided I wanted to draw comics. So I started drawing every day. Cartooning is a journey unlike any I have experienced as an artist. 

Now I have drawn hundreds of pages of panels, and written hundreds more. I also occasionally table at comics conventions from NYC to Charlotte. But, I think what I am most proud of so far as a cartoonist is my growing group of students, ranging in age from 8-years-old to well over 60, and the work they continue to create that amazes me. 

I am currently collaborating with my Dad on a graphic memoir, Constellations. I wrote the whole book, and illustrated half; Dad has colored the whole book and illustrated the other half. Dad served in the Vietnam War, and our book touches on that, and my learning about it in my early twenties. But our book as a whole is mostly about family, silence and the stars.